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Los Angeles Voice Lessons | Bruce Eckstut's Primal Sound™ Voice Method

Primal Sound™ Voice Lessons


 Los Angeles Voice Lessons using Bruce Eckstut's Primal Sound MethodMany singers and actors have taken voice lessons for years, but are still limited by a voice that seems “manufactured” — constricted, strained, and lacking in expression and range. They may feel that their voice is out of control, knowing neither the cause of the problem nor the cure, sometimes cutting short a promising singing career.

Within each one of us is a unique, natural voice.  Bruce Eckstut’s Primal Sound Voice Method™ is one of the most effective and profound techniques for freeing that voice.  During your lessons you will be guided through a series of groundbreaking exercises that will get you back in touch with your own Primal Sound.™ Once you have made contact with this deep part of yourself, you will have a firm foundation from which powerful change can occur.

You will find a new joy in singing, experiencing an ease and access you never dreamed possible.  Range will increase remarkably.  Breaks between registers will disappear.  Vocal health and stamina will be restored and the distinctive beauty of your voice will be revealed.

Bruce Eckstut’s Primal Sound Voice Method™ works just as effectively for the speaking voice as it does for the singing voice. Invariably, actors have remarked that while using this approach, their speaking voices have improved dramatically.  It can be applied to all styles of singing – Pop, Rock, Opera or Musical Theatre.

Bruce is a vocal coach renowned for creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration which supports the performer’s process every step of the way. He is committed to providing his students with a solid technique that will not only give them access to their authentic voice, but will ensure their vocal health throughout a long career.

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