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Los-Angeles-Voice-Coach-Bruce-Eckstut-AboutSinging can be a very naked experience for the performer.  Bruce Eckstut is unparalleled in his ability to work with actors who have never sung before and transform them into bonafide musical performers.

Bruce  received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from The Juilliard School where he had the good fortune to study with the legendary voice scientist, Mr. Oren Brown.  Upon graduation Bruce realized, though he had mastered the many mysteries of vocal technique, that was not enough.  That knowledge needed to be married to an equally powerful performance technique. Bruce moved to Los Angeles to work extensively with the incomparable David Craig, master of the art of performing a song.

Bruce’s students range from highly accomplished Broadway musical and Pop stars to performers who are just beginning to explore the possibility of singing.  Just as important as Bruce’s extraordinary knowledge and coaching, is the supportive and safe place he creates where the performer can learn to merge the art of acting and singing, so that their work can miraculously take flight.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Bruce’s practice is the rehabilitation of damaged singing voices.  Top otolaryngologists in Los Angeles send their patients to Bruce when they are in trouble and their careers depend on learning a healthy vocal technique.  For Bruce, there is no greater joy than hearing a singer who had previously lost his or her voice begin to share their gifts again.

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